• International Moves (Outbound / Inbound)
  • Packing and moving household effects with worldwide door-to-door service from anywhere in India. Complete destination services with customs clearance for inbound moves to India from overseas.

  • Domestic Moves: From and to all parts of India.
  • Local Moves: Local shifting of household effects within city limits.

Leaving the place you've stayed in and relocating can sometimes be an emotional experience. Leaving old friends, settling down in a new place amongst new people who may be speaking in a different Language, getting used to a different culture or environment. There are so many mental and physical adjustments that need to be done. The last thing you'd want is to be burdened with the task of handling packing and moving.

Packing constitutes a very important part of moving, be it a precious family heirloom, a trinket that holds enormous sentimental value, a glass top for the table, a grandfather clock or a rare collection of paintings... leave it to us as we make sure that they are packed and moved appropriately with zero damage. We will provide a customized move package designed specifically with you and your family needs in mind. So your move is absolutely stress-free!

In an inter-city move or intra-city move, we are adequately networked to cover moves to any part of India with ease and comfort. To top it all, with committed access to a global network of reliable movers, we also do manage and control all stages of international moves on a complete door-to-door basis, till the goods are well placed in the new home.

Corporate Moves
  • Intro-city
  • Inter-city

Be it a home-based business relocating to an office or a sophisticated inter-office move or even a corporate office relocating from one business district to another, it encompasses a lot more than movement of documents, files, and furniture and high-value office equipment; rather it entails more detailed and careful planning. Computer systems, files, papers and records without the risk of losing irreplaceable business information corporate packing has to be done with a high degree of care and expertise. It is all the more reason for you to look at an expert who ensures that the most is hassle-free.

LINKINDIA Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is just a call away to ensure that the move is executed with absolutely no stress on you, reducing downtime to absolute minimum.

Guiding you through the corporate packing and moving process with a cost-effective plan, you can have a complete peace of mind, while we make the transition of your office to a new location. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make a smooth corporate move.

Vehicle Relocation

Our courteous and efficient drivers will have the vehicle picked and delivered meeting predetermined time schedules. Right from car survey to pick up to loading to lacing of vehicle to unlacing and unloading to washing and delivering your vehicle, makes LINKINDIA Logistics Pvt. Ltd. the right choice for your vehicle movement.

Pet Relocation

We assist you with all the legalities, medical requirement and care your pet would need whether exported to or imported into the country. We make arrangements for the vet to be made available at the airport to certify the pet - pet moving will never be the same once you move with LINKINDIA Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


Completely weather-safe, fumigated and fully secured, we offer convenient accessible storage Facility dedicated to storage on short and long-term basis, palletized or in large enclosed crates (Lift-Vans) or Custom made racks.

Your goods well packed, padded, wrapped and labeled are stacked neatly in the special enclosures provided at our storage facility. Routine checks are carried out at intervals to ensure that they remain in good condition while in storage. All concerns well addressed, we arrange an insurance cover the moment your goods clock in till it is finally retrieved from storage.

Barring items classified as dangerous goods, such as firearms, Flammables, explosives or corrosives. Be it household goods, office furniture and fixtures, or even your inactive but necessary business records, we offer a safe, secure and cost effective storage plan, to include pick-up and arrange delivery on expiry of storage term. Access to our storage facility being a simple call away, you can inspect your goods at any given time retrieve an item or package itself. Do call us for a customized storage package to suit your requirement!

Record Management Services

The dire need for management of space in metros of sky rocketing rentals made way to good management of records. Further economizing on rental costs gave rise to offering records management solutions in our off-site Records Centers.

Our service includes proper inventory of your documents/records, packaging in specific records cartons, storage in our warehouse on pre-designed racks and retrieval of documents in 3-4 hours. This has further augmented our corporate relationships and has added to our accountability to our prestigious customers.


All-risk insurance cover for goods in transit and storage.

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